The Studio

Above is my table o' paints.

Below are six of my paintings. Feel free to click on one for a larger image.


About The Paintings...While almost all of this site is devoted to my comic book, there's much more that I do. Painting is an important part of my life and these are just a few that I happened to have handy when I was trying to use up a roll of film. They are in approximate chronological order, the first two being from my junior year, the next three from my senior semester and the last one is almost finished here. I pulled it out of storage and was going to re-stretch fresh canvasse but, on a whim, I decided to play with it a bit first. Turns out, I'm glad I did. It's finished now and is almost so in the photo. I have since painted over the one on the bottom middle and it's almost finished, too. I'm usually a bit reluctant to paint over older ones, but I was never fully satisfied with it before and I'm thrilled with the recent results. I may repaint the one on the top middle, with the way things have been going lately. Anyway, thanks for looking. Hope you like. --(November 3, 1999)


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