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This Webpage is dedicated to my comic book, Space Dog. The book is something like the Muppets meet Star Wars with a They Might Be Giants soundtrack. It's a crazy adventure story about, you guessed it, Space Dog. The book is a strange amalgam of Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy/Sci-Fi. What I'm trying for is comedy with heart and a whole bunch of delightful creatures. Below are brief descriptions of the individual books as well as links to a larger version of the cover illustration. Have fun and I hope you enjoy!!!

The Books...

Book one: The Sending

The story begins as Ubu The Barbarian (Space Dog) settles down for the night beside a healthy campfire, his multi-year quest nearing an end. Unfortunately for Ubu, he will never finish his quest. His world ends and Ubu is sent into the distant future to find himself in the middle of a Sci-Fi farce. We go from Tolkien to Duck Dodgers in no time flat. He teams up with Star (human female), Bleep (mischievous droid) and a few others to escape (or enter into) catastrophe.

Book Two: The Dream

In book two, Space Dog is given a magical dream by The Storyteller (legendary immortal) in which he must confront his loss. Being a magical dream, he is adapted to his new world and is no longer a barbarian. This story is dedicated to anyone who has lost their world or had it ripped apart. While still light and not pretentious, it is pulled from a deeper part of my creative well than the rest of the story to date. I guess doing a story about loss would do that.

Book Three: The Cosmic Bird

While Space Dog and his friends deal with Ubu's new life, the Space Punks are active being...themselves. Some of the youngest members of an organization of Stellar Pirates, the Space Punks can never seem to get anything right, although they somehow manage to bungle their way through the theft of The Cosmic Bird, one of the most curious creatures in the known galaxy.

Book Four: The Space Punks

Super Happy Man is introduced in this issue and he tells the reader a bit about himself and describes his motives: He wants to make comic books...HAPPIER!!! He's also the only character who knows that he's in a comic book...or maybe he's just insane and omnipotent and thinks he's in a comic book...hmmmm....anyway, Space Dog partners himself with Ship, the feminist spaceship, and the two go to retrieve the Cosmic Bird. Space Dog finds the Space punks in a Cosmic Diner as they create a little havoc.

Book Five: Super Happy Man

The first five books seem to make a unit, each one building to this climactic moment when Super Happy Man takes over, unleashing The Super Happy Love BearsTM and a myriad of other insane devices in his attempt to 'improve' the book. Probably the funniest issue to date (definitely the zaniest one) and I'm hesitant to ruin the surprises. Let's just say, this one's a bit crazy. (who, me?)

Book Six: Attack of the Giant Fleas

This book picks up at the end of book five to start a new set of stories. The Space Pirate's ship is crashed on an isolated, yet inhabitable, moon. While Super Happy Man has dissapeared, the maroonees are still suffering from the effects of his visit. This book introduces many new characters including the Space Cats, the Giant Fleas and The Armageddon Gerbil.

Book Seven: The Armageddon Gerbil

In Book Six, the Armageddon Gerbil escaped from his prison moon. In this issue, he recruits the maroonees, makes a new ship from the wreckage of the old one and captures Star and Bleep.

Book Eight: Armageddon Gerbil/Then (1 of 2)

Star and Bleep are shown to their cell aboard the Armageddon Gerbil's ship only to find The Storyteller sharing a cell with them. He is there to tell them about the Armageddon Gerbil's past. It just so happens that the Armageddon Gerbil is from the same world that Space Dog came from. This story of Space Dog's past highlights one of his adventures as Ubu the Barbarian as he travelled with Seikuur, the lion-man who appears briefly in ussues one and two.

Book Nine: Armageddon Gerbil/Then (2 of 2)

Ubu and Seikuur manage to stop a city's destruction, but unwittingly created the Armageddon Gerbil. Learn how this insane villain came to be and find out more about Ubu's past in the second half of Armageddon Gerbil/Then.

Book Ten: The Space Cats

Meet Topaz, the transvestite white tiger as he introduces himself to Space Dog aboard the Space Cats' ship. Space Dog makes friends with several of the Cats and learns that their origin is connected with Seikuur, his friend from the previous two issues. Star falls through the floor of her cell when one of the Biker Bear's fighters crashes into the Armageddon Gerbil's ship durig a dogfight with the Fleas.

Book Eleven: Strange Alliances

Space Dog stops the captain from moving the Cats' ship into the battle between the Armageddon Gerbil and the Giant Fleas. The Gerbil and the Fleas decide to team up in persuit of their goals.



Space Dog and related materials copyrite 1999 Daniel Sergent.


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